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Prof. Dr. Uwe Sponholz


Uwe Sponholz is a full professor for Service Engineering, Innovation Management and Design Thinking, B2B Marketing and Sales as well as Strategic Management at the University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS). He also teaches at Christ University, Bangalore India and other foreign universities.

As Dean of the Faculty of Business and Engineering at FHWS he was a strategic driver of the internationalisation of the university and the introduction of innovative teaching methods. Today, in addition to his teaching activities, he is also responsible for the management of the MBA Business with Europe and the two laboratories Creative Cube and VR Lab.


His professional career began at the Institut fuer Handelsforschung (IfH) / Institute for Retail Research at the University of Cologne, first as a research assistant, later as a department head of the newly established consulting division of the institute. He then moved to Alliances Management Consultants in Paris, a small management consultancy specialized in strategic consulting for large professional service providers. From there, he went to FAG Industrial Bearings AG in Schweinfurt, where he was responsible for developing and implementing a global service concept.

For many years, in-cito Prof. Sponholz has also been supporting well-known companies with Design Thinking workshops and consulting projects. In addition, Uwe Sponholz is managing partner at Bodystance GmbH and an expert for innovation and marketing strategies at simatura // Manufaktur für Markenfuehrung.


Director of Studies MBE
Faculty of Business and Engineering

Laboratory Manager Creative Cube | Creative Cube
Laboratory Manager VR Lab | Virtual Reality LAB

Managing Partner

Expert in innovation and marketing strategies

Referent to H2H Marketing


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Vertrauen als Kennzahl der Dienstleistungs-Marketingforschung
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